Dark matter photography competition

While we may not know exactly what dark matter is yet, we do know that light plays a big role in not only proving its existence but helping us uncover its mysteries.  Many dark matter detection experiments rely on the production of light to signal contact with these mysterious particles.

Use what you’ve learnt from our visiting scientists on the road trip and any resources on the road trip website (https://www.qdmroadtrip.org/resources/) and produce a unique and original photographic artwork to represent your interpretation of dark matter.

Competition details

Students from the high schools visited by the National Quantum & Dark Matter Road Trip may enter
Number of entries: one entry per student
Email: your submission to darkmatter-art@unimelb.edu.au along with your name and the name of your school, and a title and brief explanation (1–2 sentences) about the inspiration for your photograph
Submissions due: 11:59 pm AEST, Wednesday 31 August 2022
Judging criteria: photographs will be scored by a panel on creativity, composition, technique, and title and description accompanying the photograph

Prize categories

First place: overall best image
Science award: for the photograph with the best scientific description/inspiration
Participation award: for the school with the highest overall number of entries
Winners: will be notified directly by Friday 16 September 2022 and announced on the National Quantum & Dark Matter Road Trip website (https://www.qdmroadtrip.org/)

Useful photography resources

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