Delve deeper into the world of quantum and dark matter physics.  See inside our labs, create science-inspired art, or check out quantum and dark matter videos, podcasts and other resources.

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SciArt tutorial

Science and art might seem like completely different fields, but that is not the case.  Every day, scientists use great creativity to come up with theories and consider alternatives as they explore the universe and all that lies within.  Thinking outside the box is a habit of both scientists and artists.

In this SciArt activity, road-tripper Raghda Abdel Khaleq will show you how to combine science and art to make beautiful works like the ones she has created.

Learn how to create SciArt

The absurd search for dark matter

Astronomers think there should be 5 times as much dark matter as ordinary matter—a shadow Universe that makes up most of the mass in the Universe.  But after decades of trying, no experiments have found any trace of dark matter, except one.

Glowing diamond for listening to magnetic fields

This demonstration uses a diamond ring and lasers to illustrate the basis of quantum magnetic sensing, which is a fairly new research field with phenomenally exciting applications.  You’ll be able to see a similar demo in action on the road trip!


Shining a light on dark matter

Road-tripper Ben McAllister explains his work on the ORGAN Experiment, Australia’s first dark matter detector, and how we can shine a light on dark matter. Video credit: UWA.

Why dark matter matters

In his TEDxPerth talk, Road-tripper Ben McAllister talks about how his team is hoping their axion detector could unlock today’s greatest scientific conundrum.