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Clear as Quantum is an EQUS podcast about quantum science and the exciting technologies that are getting ready to unleash a quantum revolution.  In this ‘spooky podcast at a distance’ we try to dust the cobwebs out of the quantum physics realm that’s entangling our lives.  Check it out to hear from some of Australia’s leading quantum scientists, and learn things worth knowing about.  Available wherever you get your podcasts and online.

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Glowing diamond for listening to magnetic fields

This demonstration uses a diamond ring and lasers to illustrate the basis of quantum magnetic sensing, which is a fairly new research field with phenomenally exciting applications.  You’ll be able to see a similar demo in action on the road trip!

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Lighting up the quantum future

The field of quantum optics is helping to identify materials that will enable scientists to develop new quantum technologies that will change the world in almost unimaginable ways.  One branch of quantum optics involves diamonds!  As well as looking pretty, diamonds can be used as precision quantum sensors.  You’ll have a chance to see a quantum diamond in action as part of the road trip.

Find out more about quantum optics and quantum diamonds in the following resources:

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Other resources

The following videos, websites and other resources provide explainers for a wide range of quantum concepts and opportunities for further learning and exploration: